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An attractive retreat offer is the special added value for every hotel. New concepts and contents are needed here. Guests are looking for new experiences – guided – in addition to well-tried hotel standards.

Professional retreats with moderate, physical challenges, combined with wellness and balanced nutrition are the keyword of the hour here. Thus we create the suitable TOP HILL Retreat for every hotel – with the special ‘touch’ and according to the strategic positioning of the respective hotel. These retreats are carried out with employees of the hotel or, if possible, with external partners. We are also happy to assist you with the introduction, training or recruitment. Creative – unique – qualitative.

With our many years of experience and our attention to detail, we create the perfect retreat program for each of our hotel partners. The guest can redefine his body, feel indescribably good and rested after rest, regeneration and the right food – this also explains the annual increase in repeat bookings. Enjoy time for yourself and a break from everyday life. Demanding or light training and in the evenings, sharing activities together and strengthening the spirit. Don’t hesitate, simply try!

Sports and exercise

In a stylish ambience, everyone trains in small groups according to their abilities. The main idea for the exercise and sports units can be “Train hard, eat smart” in the “TOP HILL Retreat INTENSE” version, which is based on the basic idea of the Bootcamp concept and focuses on self-confident powering up. Or “Refresh your mind” and “detox yourself” are in the center of attention – the “TOP HILL Retreat REGENERATE” is the appropriate form of retreat, if wellness and body-positivity are to be achieved.

Which of the TOP HILL Retreats you choose for your hotel: All variants of the retreats have the guiding idea in common to strengthen the physical and mental well-being, to release blockades in the whole body and to discover a completely new body feeling. For now & forever.


Re-discover yourself. Conveying a new attitude to life. Getting to know a new side of yourself, bringing about a positive change to your overall well-being. Press “refresh” & feel the happiness emotions. Your guests can experience this in a TOP HILL Retreat.

Together with the wellness and wellbeing offer of your hotel, this kind of lasting relaxation can be made possible for your guests. TOP HILL Retreats helps to optimize and combine these offers for your guests.


The basic idea – culinary chillout: Every palate, no matter how demanding, will find its fulfillment in the TOP HILL Retreat. In every respect. The concept, developed by nutritionists and sports doctors together, helps your kitchen to bring lovingly prepared food to the table according to the latest modern standards. With a lot of love for cooking and a pinch of creativity, the participants of the retreat can look forward to valuable, local food that makes a difference in everyday life.

Ingredients – simple, fresh, uncomplicated: appealing to all senses, smelling, tasting, experiencing fresh ingredients ¬- this is the culinary recipe of the TOP HILL Retreats. Alcohol, finished products, industrial sugar and sweeteners should be avoided completely, caffeine and milk products should only be used to a limited extent to support the process of cleansing and revitalization. Balanced protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fat and a lot of fresh taste are the basis of our nutrition plan, which you can pass on not only to your kitchen but also to your guests.

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