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Glave – The Nordic Retreat

Meet Nature


New and unique: In 2020 our first retreats are going to take place in the north of Germany – exclusively for TOP HILL Retreats the owner family invites you to visit their beautiful forest estate „Glave“. It is a rare opportunity to get to know the cycle of nature in such an intimate and familiar atmosphere. The private estate with its forest and the wide landscapes offers an impressive setting for this extraordinary retreat. Intimate and individual: The estate family maintains and cares for its own forest and game stock with a lot of responsibility, commitment and understanding for the sustainable cycle of nature. The Nordic Retreat is also designed to slow down and relieve. Not only the participants, but also nature. Heating with wood from the own forests, seasonal cuisine according to the motto ‘from the forest to the plate’ and a respectful treatment of the historical substance of the estate make this retreat a holistic mindset for body and soul.

Enjoy forest yoga sessions surrounded by ancient oaks, cross-country trails through the woods, personal training amidst magnificent wealds, and a relaxing bath in lonely forest lakes – all flanked by modern interpretations of a light, Nordic cuisineRelax with personalised Sauna infusions after exercises, herbal extraction treatments and first-class sport and relaxing massage.

In the course of this retreat the participants learn and experience interesting details about the forest ecosystem and have the opportunity to compensate for their individual journey and the resulting CO2 emissions by helping out on site in the forest.

Glave – The Nordic Retreat – 4 DAYS PACKAGE

The price of this package includes the following services:

  • Sustainable nature and culture experience: a private manor house from the 19th century with its own forest, meadows and lakes
  • 4 nights in a lovingly renovated manor house on the private estate „Glave“ in the north-east of Germany – with attentive hosts and owners, Nordic holistic and a lot of love for details
  • Early morning game viewing, fascinating forest tours, explanation of hunting as a careful way to take care oft he forest and gam, peace and relaxation in nature
  • A Gourmet nutrition concept with freshly prepared menus and snacks, and as a special highlight: “From the forest to the plate” – vension from our own game manufacture
  • Full day training programwith different trainers on site: In- and outdoor training depending on the weather
  • Indoor training in the historical rooms of the freshly renovated manor house
  • Evening introduction to meditation and relaxation techniques
  • 24/7 onsite assistance
  • Strictly limited number of retreats and participants

20. – 24. May 2020 | 4 Nights
03. – 07. June 2020 | 4 Nights
09. – 13. September 2020 | 4 Nights
16. – 20. September 2020 | 5 Nights
18. – 23. October 2020 | 5 Nights

Your reservation requires a 50% deposit. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your arrival. For further information, please refer to our General Booking Conditions. Please note that this package does NOT include a travel cancellation isurance.

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